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Discussion about religion leaders supporting the war

Q: Does it say in the Bible that war, bombing, and
blackmailing are the way to show the Jesus message to people around the world who have never heard about this God?

I'm just sad when I see Christians and Catholic religious leaders supporting the war. If not them, who else is out there to teach love and peace?

btw. Before the war Pope John Paul II had expressed opposition to
the possibility of war in Iraq and no news organization in the US
reported this message.
 I have seen false reports saying that Pope John Paul II is supporting the war and President Bush
(this is just another false report by news organizations like Fox News)


Ala333 --- Tuesday, August 3 2004, 22:44

What right had we to invade this small middle eastern country? What right had we to presume that they want democracy? What right have we to force them into a democratic state when they have no concept of democracy? What right have we as the most powerful country in the world to assume or presume that our way of life or our form of government is right for every other country in the world? Please let this madness stop. Our young soldiers are dying on a daily basis for some reason that no one understands. May god have mercy on us all.

Ophiuchus --- December 4 2004

Actually, it's only to be expected that religious bods are on Bush's side. A quick look at history shows that the church almost never interferes with secular affairs unless they're backing the stronger side. Now I'm going to say something which will make a lot of people hate me, but which is true nonetheless; religion has done more to inflame people's hatred, and to make good people do evil than any other influence in the history of the human race. So no, I'm not surprised that religion is having a negative effect here. It always does. This is, in a way, a religious conflict. And they are the worst of all. And to all you religious types out there: There are no wars over the theory of relativity.

nil --- December 11 2004

Its sad to say that christians are being forced to be associated with all the death and kiiling going on in Iraq, even those that are against it. Its not fair. Jesus would not want us killing others.

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