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Discussion about  9/11

Q: Is Monica Lewinsky responsible for the September 11 attacks?

I have heard speculations on this matter; it sounds funny, but logical. When Bill Clinton had the trouble with Monica, he needed to do something what would drive the attention of all the media away from this subject, so he ordered bombing of Al Qaeda bases in Afghanistan and that was the reason why Al Qaeda directed the attack on 9/11. I know this sounds naive, but I have heard this speculation on CNN from one of the extreme Republicans who was trying to blame Clinton for 9/11.  However, I think Clinton was one of the best presidents the USA ever had
even if he had the trouble with Monica.


Tom --- Sunday, August 1 2004, 12:52

I think this is just speculation made by Bush supporters. I agree Clinton was one of the best presidents in US history.

Ophiuchus --- December 4 2004

Seems a little far-fetched to me, but I'm unwilling to dismiss the idea. Oh, I'm so depressed...

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