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Discussion about nuclear weapons

Q: Why is the Bush administration developing new smart nuclear weapons, when everyone else around the world is trying to get rid of them?

I don't know anybody who knows the answer to this question. In my opinion this is one of the reasons why America is losing allies around the world.


I find the answer --- August 4 2004

I find the answer for this one: By WILLIAM D. HARTUNG The Bush nuclear buildup--large parts of which are funded out of the Energy Department budget, not the Pentagon--is particularly good news for Lockheed Martin. The company has a $2 billion-a-year contract to run Sandia National Laboratories, a nuclear weapons design and engineering facility based in Albuquerque. Lockheed Martin also works in partnership with Bechtel to run the Nevada Test Site, where new nuclear weapons are tested either via underground explosions--currently on hold due to US adherence to a moratorium on nuclear testing--or computer simulations. Late last year, Congress lifted a longstanding ban on research into so-called "mini-nukes"--nuclear weapons of less than five kilotons, about one-third the size of the Hiroshima bomb. It also authorized funds for studies on a nuclear "bunker buster" and seed money for a multibillion-dollar factory to build plutonium triggers for a new generation of nuclear weapons. These new investments will be presided over by Everet Beckner, a former Lockheed Martin executive who now heads the National Nuclear Security Administration's nuclear weapons complex… read more

mp --- August 8 2004

ridiculous on all accounts no one needs them

No Brainer --- October 23 2004

Simple answer - Bush is an idiot or the devil one or the other.

Ophiuchus --- December 4 2004

I think the answer to this one is so obvious it doesn't really need to be given, but here it is: You can't kill lots of people and wreck the place unless you've got big nasty weapons to do it with. If ol' President Shrub was more open about his real intentions I'd feel a lot happier about it. As it is, he hides his vile plans behind a web of pathetically unconvincing lies and half-truths. As for people who actually believe what he says, well, at least when WW3 happens I can say 'I told you so'.

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